The City of Atlanta’s Summer Youth Employment Program is a collective effort to expand the city’s workforce development, paid internship and skills-trade education efforts.

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Support youth engagement, education, and development efforts by providing seasonal employment, apprenticeships, skills-trade education or paid internship opportunities for Atlanta’s youth ages 14 to 24 years of age.
The Bottoms Administration has worked hard to ensure that our officers are trained, equipped, and paid commensurate with the challenges they face and their unwavering dedication. The City of Atlanta is doing its part to ensure equity is immersed in all of our decisions. We are forging a new day in Atlanta, where our police officers can live and thrive in the communities they serve; and where we can collectively evaluate the way our justice system works.

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Thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness to support Mayor Dickens’ strategic efforts to invest in Atlanta’s children, youth, and young adults. During the 2022 State of the City address, the mayor appealed to Atlanta’s business, philanthropic and community-based organizations to “put 3,000 teens to work this summer through our Summer Youth Employment Program.” 

Mayor Dickens pioneered the effort by committing and authorizing over300 paid internship and seasonal positions, for Atlanta youth, across city departments.  

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Atlanta is the home to the best and brightest students in the nation. This generation of young minds is tech savvy, ambitious and ready to create positive and significant impact in driving business forward.

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